Roger McGuinn's Blog

David Crosby

Herb Pedersen
Long-time recording and touring partner

John Jorgenson's Website

Steve Hill
Chris' writing partner

Jay Dee Maness
Steel guitar play in the Desert Rose Band

Dwight Yoakam's Website

Tracy Longo's ""  

Guild Guitars

C.F. Martin & Company

Library of Congress Webcast
Rock pioneer Chris Hillman talks
about the craft of the songwriter
and about his prolific career.

Byrd Watcher
An excellent and comprehensive Byrds site

Desert Rose Band Fan Site
A DRB Fan Site designed by a very 'devout' Desert Rose Band fan in the Netherlands.
This is a songwriting site started by one of my "Rangers" (students), Ranger Walt Sample.

Chris’ Orthodox Christian Faith:
Get to Know the Original

Laura Ingraham
Great Radio

The Illinois Supports Our Troops Organization

International Orthodox Christian Charities
Chris supports the IOCC, Helping Others Help Themselves